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A new travel company, Palm Star Travel, is about to change the Bahamas Travel Experience

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Our New Departure City List & Internet  Flight and Resort Booking Capabilities

It is time to re-open the Bahamas in a BIG way!

The Bahamas, with it’s hundreds of islands, beautiful resorts, great fishing, and relaxing beaches is within easy reach of millions in the US. We’re working to make it even easier to vacation or attend conventions by offering travel packages from cities throughout the country. Fly direct to Nassau from select US cities on our new airline that’s dedicating all of it’s routes to/from the Bahamas – all coming fall 2021


The resorts are working hard to be ready for you. Now past the hurricane of 2019 and the pandemic of 2020 it's time to open our arms to welcome you.

Ministry of Tourism

The Bahamian Ministry of Tourism is working with us to support the resorts, cruise lines, and the our brand new airline. We're all a team.

Cruise Lines

The cruise lines are looking to the Bahamas as a major launching point for cruise. Enjoy time on the beach before or after your cruise.

Fly Direct

With the support of the major resorts, cruise lines, and the Ministry of Tourism we are well on our way towards flying our dedicated aircraft

Beautiful and adventurous resorts only hours away


Atlantis on Paradise Island is a treat for any vacationer or business event. With multiple towers and themes there is always something enticing to do.

Baha Mar

Baha Mar offers luxury in the sun. Designed with water everywhere it’s an escape created for full emersion. With 3 resort hotels in the complex, Grand Hyatt, SLS, and Rosewood, there is everything you need for fun in the sun!


It’s 5 o’clock somewhere. Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville offers fun in the sun year round.


Ocean Blue everywhere. Seemingly endless beaches invite you to relax during the day while the clubs offer night time excitement

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